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How to Choose the Best CTOption Broker Account Type

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If you want to start trading easily and effectively, you can choose the services of CTOption, one of the most successful binary options trading platforms. This investment brokerage firm works in more than 90 countries. The main functions are as following: trading support, secured money management, and trading education. All clients can choose from three account types: mini, standard, and executive. Let’s have a closer look at them.


A 24h withdrawal processing is a feature common for all the three account types. The account Mini is obtained for $250-$499 deposit. It allows clients to use the 24/7 support service and online education package. The welcome bonus is included. Clients enjoy the possibility to have a trial account for Replicator Pro learn. It allows them to learn the trading tips from the professionals. Besides, the Mini account includes the introduction to live trading room and weekly market news.


The standard account pleases clients with attractive bonuses and full-time support service. This account also allows to learn from the professional traders, using the Replicator Pro. A personal account manager and a course with the professional will boost clients’ skills and improve the effectiveness of their trading. They will have the possibility to take part in a live trading room twice a week. Besides, they’ll get practice demo accounts.


With the $10000 deposits, clients obtain the Executive account. Beside the features of previous accounts, clients also get the daily market news, the possibility to take part in different contests. The innovative insurance policy agreement helps tchem be sure of the company’s credibility. Expedited unlimited withdrawals and sessions with trading professionals allow clients to become trading gurus. If you’re not sure what account to choose, consult the customer service. They will help you take into account all pros and cons, choosing the most appropriate type.


Let’s consider some of the most important features of these accounts. A special education package is one of them. This education includes the introduction of clients to the basics of binary options trading. At the entry level, clients have the possibility to take part in 15 min personal coaching sessions. At the intermediate level, there are 4 sessions 45 min long. There are 10 such sessions at the premium level.



CTOption Broker allows clients to choose Islamic accounts. They function on the basis of Sharia law. These accounts incur no fees. If clients aren’t sure in their skills, they can start from demo accounts for testing the possibilities before working with real funds. As for the trading platform, CTOption uses Panda TS. This software is advanced and client-oriented. Comfortable dashboards consisting of the current and expired trades, help clients to use the program intuitively. Customer support is another common feature of all 3 account types. The clients can contact the customer service via email, live chat, and UK phone. If you’ve got any questions, hurry up to find out everything you need.

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CTOption Broker allows customers to choose from 3 account types: mini, standard, and executive. All these types have special features that will be helpful for many users. Contact the customer service to choose the most appropriate one.

What is a Binary Options Broker?

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There are a lot of people out there that are interested in trading binary options. These people have heard that this kind of trade is relatively simple, and that it can bring them a lot of profit. Well, all of that is true, and binary options trade is indeed really simple and profitable, but only if you select the right binary options broker. So, what exactly is a binary options broker, and how do we know which one to pick?

Well, first of all, we need to make one thing clear – binary options broker is not a person. Most people have heard about the brokers in various companies, and now they believe that in order to trade the binary options, you need to hire a broker to do it for you. No, you do the trading yourself, but on various websites that carry the name binary options brokers. Here, you show your skills and try to earn as much money by doing this kind of trade.

Now, binary options brokers are not just any websites. They have several features that make them stand out. The first thing that every binary options broker needs to have is the binary options trading platform. This trading platform is a place where you physically conduct your trades. Here at TropicalTrade, you select your assets, you select how much money you’re going to invest. Decide on the type of the binary options, etc. So, this is the most important part of every binary options broker’s website.


Another thing that these binary options broker need to have is a customer support service. This customer support service is kinda different to all the other websites’ support services, and looks more like a support service of a company. You can usually reach them via live chat, via phone, or via e-mail all depending on the binary options broker. Also, many brokers have customer support services that speak several languages, which should make this thing a lot easier for you.

Now, there are some binary options brokers that do not possess the following thing, but they really ought to. Some popular brokers have an educational service under its wing, whose goal is to help out all the beginners out there. They offer the people educational material for free so that you could be a better trader, and conduct better and more trades.


Another thing that not every binary options broker has, but really should, is the demo account. This is a great thing for all the traders out there that need to gain some experience. They can trade virtual binary options here and spend virtual money. This will help them gain some experience and become better at trading even before they conduct the first real money trade.

So, now you know what binary options brokers are and what they ought to offer to you. If you find one that has all of this, then you’ve run into one of the top binary options brokers, and you really ought to be happy, because there are not a lot of them out there.

What are Binary Options Signals?

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Binary option signals are signs, in view of a formal investigation, of the bearing a benefit will tend to take in either the short or the long haul. The signals permit the merchant to survey hazard.

Any individual who exchanges binary options needs to much of the time break down the advantages or markets she/he exchanges. A few merchants invest hours breaking down their potential exchanges. For the merchant, the finished aftereffect of investigation is a sign, or signals that tell the broker that the time is, on the whole, correct to exchange an advantage and how to exchange the benefit.

The sign that advises the broker how to exchange is critical. The hidden resource may be ready to go up in quality or to go down in worth. Consistently we see shouting features that some speculation vehicle will now begin to go up and other similarly shouting features that the same venture vehicle will now begin to go down!

Most brokers don’t have hours to break down every potential exchange. Some do the insignificant examination, take after the news, and at last depend on all alone feeling of how a benefit is liable to execute as a premise for an exchange. Numerous brokers subscribe to organizations that do the examination for them.


Sorts of Analysis

There are two essential sorts of examination: specialized and major. They are entirely not the same as one another. The signals they convey are a reflection just of the sorts of examination themselves.

Specialized Analysis

Specialized examination depends intensely on three sorts of graphs: candles, line diagrams, and bar outlines. These graphs utilize the same information yet give alternate points of view. A few brokers incline toward one outline over the others. Bar graphs and candles are comparative in that they send solid one-day signals.

Candles are viewed as better at measuring speculator assessment. The candle example has been perceived for more than one hundred years. It develops when the opening and shutting costs are put on a chart with the “body” of the candle joining them. At the highest point of the candle is a line that demonstrates the high for the given time period. At the base of the candle is a line demonstrating the low for the time period. Specialized experts see hugeness in each example of candles. A few examples give an in number purchase flag, some give an in number offer flag, some are reserved as to the bearing the benefit may take, and, at last, some candle examples can be utilized as either a purchase or an offer sign.


The Bottom Line

There are dependably signals that demonstrate how a benefit may drift in both the not so distant future and long haul. It is an important ability for the broker to understanding these signals legitimately. Figuring out how to make both specialized and crucial examinations is an endless test.

Both specialized and key investigation have a spot in offering you some assistance with deciding your next game-plan. No framework is faultless and both give imperative bits of knowledge as to the bearing of business sectors, resource classes, and resources.

US Binary Options Brokers – Best Brokers Serving US Traders

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When we first started exchanging binary options back in mid-2009, there were not exactly twelve devoted binary options handles by and large. And every one of them forcefully contended in the US market. Tragically, because of administrative clashes which make it greatly hard to work in the US, this is no more even near the case. From late 2012 through 2013, an extensive number of the most prevalent and dependable dealers dropped US customers and quit serving the business sector by and large. The quantity of intermediaries contending in this industry has developed from not exactly twelve, to well more than 200 as of now, and it is more troublesome than any time in recent memory for US dealers to locate a trustworthy, dependable merchant with a first class exchanging stage. The decision is great, it just makes things somewhat more muddled and makes somewhat more work to deal with everything and separate the waste from the gold, in a manner of speaking.


US Binary Options Brokers – Myth or Reality?

To the extent genuine US binary options representatives — as in really situated in the US — there is one and only genuine decision for brokers, NADEX. All things considered, NADEX binary options exchanging has next to no in a similar manner as the sort of binary options exchanging which we’re all used to. It really has more in a similar manner as exchanging customary “vanilla” options contract exchanging than it does “ordinary” binary options exchanging. It is certainly for the more genuine and/or expert financial specialist. We believe that this sort of exchanging will most likely just speak to exceptionally experienced and proficient dealers. In any case, there is a totally free NADEX demo account you can become acquainted with, and there is likewise a ton of data over yonder so you might need to look at it, if only for the sake of entertainment or to straighten something up.

The US Regulated Best Binary Options Brokers

Furthermore, here once more, there are no US directed binary options dealers beside NADEX. So in the event that anybody ever tries to guarantee generally (and it has been known not) you ought to be exceptionally distrustful of their reliability going ahead. Presently this circumstance may change sooner or later, particularly if binary options keep on turning out to be more prominent and standard. Regulation happens to be an extremely poor intermediary for dependability and reliability at any rate (see the US saving money emergency or iOption chapter 11 for backing). We have dependably trusted that notoriety and client input (two sides of the same coin) are the more imperative and solid pointers.  Also see if 24option can be used in the US.

There may not be any genuine US binary options representatives at present working in this industry, however then that isn’t really what is imperative. What is critical for US dealers is having the capacity to discover an expedite that is solid and offers an exceptional administration and exchanging stage. Furthermore, we are sure that you would find that all of the intermediaries incorporated into this rundown meet that elevated expectation.

Types of binary options robots

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Trading binary options has never been this simple, it would appear. Besides the fact that the very binary options trade is considered to be the simplest way of trading, now it has a thing that would make it even simpler, and easier for use. This thing will make binary options trading so simple, that you don’t even have to do it any more. Feeling a bit confused now? Well, don’t worry, we’ll explain everything to you, and you just sit back and read.

This thing that we’ve mentioned here is called binary options robot, and it is a revolutionary piece of technology that allows you to trade binary options even if you’re somewhere far away. Well, technically, you wouldn’t be doing the trading, but still, the trades are being done on your behalf. This robot can trade for you, and all you have to do is to set it up, and plug it in. And, that’s it!


Now, let’s say a word or two about there binary options robots in general, before we say something more about the various types of robots there are. These are programs that, as we have already said, trade in your name, but you do have to set it up. You have to set up the features, according to which the robot would trade your binary options. For example, you need to set up on which assets the robot needs to focus on, how many trades he is allowed to do per day, how much is he allowed to spend on the trades, what is the lowest amount the robot can invest in a trade, etc. However, if you are not that great with programming, it would be best to hire someone to do this for you. And, don’t worry about the cost, if it gets set up properly, the robot will make 20 times that much money.

Now, lets move on to the types of binary options robots that we can find. Of course, we’ll first sort them by their price – there is a type of robots called the free binary option robot. This is a binary options robot that you can get for free, but you need to be extra careful with it. Make sure that it is a respectable robot, and not a scam kind. Besides the free binary options robot, there is also the one for which you have to pay for. However, don’t think that these are all legit, because you have to check them out too before you buy them.

They can also be divided into two groups based on their abilities: binary options signal robots, and binary options auto trading robots. As you may have guessed, the auto trading robots do all the trades for you, while the binary options signal robots just send you the signals about which trades you ought to conduct, and it is up to you if you wish to follow them or not.

Choose which ever one suits you better, be it a free binary options robot or the one for which you have to pay, or a signal robot or an auto trading robot. Just make sure you think things through, because a lot of money is at stake here.

Why Short-Term Trading Sucks

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Why Short-Term Trading Sucks

A bit hard title if you ask me, but it has to be, to convey my thoughts about trading on shot-term  fluctuations and with short-term charts. I will try to explain you this through 3 arguments you are free to trash later if you want. But, the fact is that most of the better traders avoid short-term trading, and they know what they are doing. Short-term trading is more like binary options trading ( for more info search for 24option review online ), because both of these resemble gambling more than they resemble trading.

When a pricarousel-stockce of the currency pairs starts to move in one direction, and it keeps going for some time, there is a small chance it will turn around easily. Strong currency pairs move slowly, but when they start to move, their trend get a lot of momentum. And they end to keep on going one way due to that momentum, making trades placed against it unprofitable. When you follow short-term fluctuations of those trends you can be decided by them. Momentum lessens and at some points it can seem that price movement might change direction in which it is going, but it doesn’t. It just slows down a bit and then starts again in the same direction. If you observe things through long-term charts you would not get excited over those things, and you wouldn’t be tempted to trade counter-trend.



Investing in large number of short-term trades is as bad as throwing money away. Trading should be done only when you spot  strong signal. And if you trade with long-term trends using daily charts, you will be to spot those signals easily. They are obvious on daily charts. But those signals can’t be seen on the shot-term charts. There is a lot of market noise on them, and if you want to trade that way you will have to risk by placing your money on trades found with weak signals.

Another issue with short-term trades is that you have to have a lot of them going. And on forex  profit is made by saving your money for right signals and right trades. And that can’t be done through short-term trading. And short-term trading can’t be incorporated in any strategy, and we all know that good strategies bring profit.


Long-term has always, and it will in the future, dictate short-term. So, I ask you, why would you trade short-term, with large amount of noise and clutter when you can trade long-term? When a price start moving in one direction, and that trend sees constant, it will be like that for some time. Whether you trade on short-term or long-term, the trend will go on in one direction. So, by trading short-term in this case you are only risking more money,due to lack of good signals. Even if counter-trend happens, there isn’t a lot of profit to gain from that, and you never know how long it will last. Take your eyes off of that trade, and your trade can cost you a lot.


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